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Scrub-a-dub-dub, it’s time for some fun in the tub! Our colourful waterplay collection includes brilliant bath toys to spark their imagination and encourage water confidence, along side bath bombs, body whips and face mitts that will have them begging to wash.  The only problem you might have is getting them out... 

Squirting Whale Bath Toy

Children will have a whaley good bath time with this squirting whale bath toy.  Draw the water in, then squirt it out through the whales’ spout. Push the tail in slowly for a gentle spray, and faster for a more dramatic one.  Parents watch out, you've been warned! Not suitable for babies or children under 2 years.    

Plui Rain Cloud Bath Toy

The Pluï Rain Cloud beautifully illustrates the cycle of water and magically turns kids into little rainmakers. It works like a pipette to make simple physics tangible and fun - simply submerge the cloud to fill it with water, cover the hole with your finger while you lift it out (so the rain stays in), and release your finger to...

Marco Light-up Bath Toy

MARCO loves to peek at you from just below the water line, his light changing colour every few seconds to make the bubbles glow. Then he takes off on deep-sea missions where his water-activated color-changing light can guide the way. But as soon as he’s out of the water, his light switches off automatically, sensibly saving his power levels. Recommended...

Tube Bath Toy - 3pk

This 3pk plastic pipes make bath time a scooping and pouring extravaganza. They can be adding to existing sets to extend waterflow.  Of course they suction to the bath or tiles so the water goes back in the bath, not all over the floor. Suitable from 12 months, but we know 9yr olds that love them too!

Pipes Bath Toy - 5pk

These colourful plastic pipes make bath time a scooping and pouring extravaganza. They come in five shapes that can be used on their own or put together to make a chain. They even suction to the bath or tiles so the water goes back in the bath, not all over the floor. Suitable from 12 months, but we know 9yr...

Pipes, Tubes and Cogs Bundle Bath Toy - 13pk

ENGINEERED FOR BATH TIME FUN! Help your little builder get creative in the tub with this trio of Boon Bath Toys. The PIPES turn bath time into a scooping and pouring extravaganza with five differently shaped pipes that can be used individually or put together to make a chain for a flow of watery fun.  Add in Boon TUBES, and...

Activity Buckets Bath Toy - 5pk

A colourful and fun set of 5 activities buckets guaranteed to have your little ones playing for hours in the bath. Fill the buckets with water or foam and lift them as high as possible to watch the water flow through the different shaped holes in the bottom. Made in a range of colours, each bucket features a different animal...

Fish-them-all Bath Toy

This fishing line game for the bath with 4 squirters - 2 boats and 2 fish - is ideal for developing your child's dexterity and concentration. To play, just catch the boats and small fish as quickly as possible with the fishing rod. And for added entertainment, squeeze the boat or the belly of the fish and they squirt out...

Tacti Basket Ball Bath Toy

The Tacti Basket is a basketball hoop for the bath with tactile, sensory balls to create interest for little hands. The hoop sticks firmly on tiles or the side of the bath, thanks to the suction cups, and the 3 sensory balls are ideal for developing their sense of touch, and loads of fun to toss to each other, or...

Bath Crayons Bath Toy

This 'Colour In The Bath' artist set comes with 6 easy-to-grip crayons in bold colours and a lovely sponge in the shape of a smiling starfish. It will help them develop their imagination, ingenuity and creativity all while getting squeaky clean. And talking of squeaky clean, the crayon easily washes off the tiles or side of the tub - ready to make...

Polar Animal Bath Squirties Bath Toy

Creatures are coming up from the deep! And they’re ready to wage some serious water warfare. A perfect size for toddler hands, little water babes will love this set of 4 polar animals, creating squeals of delight as they squirt all over the bathroom...

Sea Creatures Bath Squirties Bath Toy

Your child will play in their bath for hours with these 4 sea animals: an octopus, a lobster, a starfish, a whale. Perfectly sized for little hands, and by pressing on their head or on their belly they spit out water, creating squeals of delight as they squirt all over the bathroom...!

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Fab and thick

Lovely thick hooded towel; super soft and very snuggly. Very pleased with product

Hi Annie. We're really glad to hear you are pleased with your hooded towel, many thanks for the kind review. Happy splashing!

Fab towel, my son loves it.

Brilliant to hear, many thanks for shopping with us Georgina.

Pipes, tubes &Cogs

Seems a very good item although it is towards my Great Grandsons birthday in June & so has not yet been given to him. I’m sure it won’t disappoint. Hazel Rushworth

We hope your grandson enjoys his bath toys, many thanks for shopping with us.


Excellent quality, purchased as a present and not used yet.

Thank you for the kind review, we hope the recipient loves their hooded towel. Happy birthday to them!

Just bought another one 😄

Bought one for my son three years ago. Still feels as new. The quality is amazing. Just bought one for my daughter. Some pastel options would be lovely please. Brilliant product.

Really glad to hear your son's towel is still going strong and your daughter now has one to match too! And thank you for the feedback re. colours too,