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Gifts for superheroes

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No it's superman! if you have your very own little superhero who loves bath time and swimming, this collection of gift ideas is for you.

Yellow superheroes kids hooded towel (Standard, grey)

Know a little one who loves running around after bathtime playing superheroes?  Then this grey hooded towel with vibrant 'yellow superhero' trim is exactly what you need.  With a star-shaped popper the towel works as the perfect cape when they're busy on world saving adventures.   Made from high quality 550g Egyptian cotton for premium absorbency and softness A double...

Red superheroes kids hooded towel (Standard, navy)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? For boys and girls who love to play heroes and villains, this 'red superheroes' hooded towel is the perfect cape to run around in after bathtime or swimming.  A red star-shaped popper will pop the towel shut like a poncho for extra warmth and privacy whilst saving the world.    Made from high quality...

Squirting Whale Bath Toy

Children will have a whaley good bath time with this squirting whale bath toy.  Draw the water in, then squirt it out through the whales’ spout. Push the tail in slowly for a gentle spray, and faster for a more dramatic one.  Parents watch out, you've been warned! Not suitable for babies or children under 2 years.    

Superheroes kids hooded towel (personalised)

Luxury thick soft hooded towel, 550g Egyptian cotton, with a generous double thickness hood featuring our best-selling 'superheroes’ trim. You can choose which trim you'd like, and which colour towel. We like it best on royal blue or grey… This hooded towel also features a star-shaped pop fastener to keep the towel wrapped shut like a poncho for extra warmth and privacy....

Superheroes matching items

Perfect for washing and drying mucky little hands and faces, you can also buy a selection of matching items featuring our best-selling 'superheroes' trim. Made from the same luxury, thick, soft grey 550gsm Egyptian cotton towelling as our hooded towels, these are available as faceloths, hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets.

Buy one hooded towel, get another half price!

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