Our towels

We know bath time with young children can be one of the most stressful times of the day; you’ve battled to get them in the tub, endured an epic meltdown over hair-washing, avoided getting bubbles, shampoo or any reminisce of water on their face.  You’ve convinced them it’s time to get out and now you have a soaking wet, naked toddler who is adamant on escaping the bathroom to make as many rooms in the house as wet as possible whilst also getting cold. And if you add any siblings into the mix you can double, treble, or quadruple the chaos!

We've been there ourselves and have designed our hooded towels to make bath times that bit easier for you.

Not only are our towels generously sized but they are made of a premium 550g Egyptian cotton ensuring they are big, thick, super soft, fluffy and absorbent and wash up perfectly. 

Both our standard and jumbo sized towels have three key features; a stylish trim, a double thickness hood for absorbing water from even the thickest of hair, and a star or heart-shaped pop fastener meaning the towel can be popped closed like a poncho for warmth and privacy, but when you want the full towel to get dry, simply release the popper!

From tiny to tween, a Hooded Owls towel offers a host of benefits:

  • For babies and pre-walkers, our towels are extra cushioned around the head with plenty of cloth for laying a baby on and wrapping them up.
  • Toddlers can run freely, playing superheroes whilst staying warm and dry, with mum or dad knowing the pop fastener will keep the towel on, and the double-thickness hood will dry their hair.
  • Older, more self-conscious children can have some 'hands-free' privacy when changing (especially useful after swimming or with peers) by keeping the popper closed, then simply releasing it when they want the full towel for a good rub dry.

Our go-to towel is multifunctional; it ticks the bath time box, doubles up as a fantastic swim towel, is perfect for throwing on in the garden during paddling pool season and is beach-ready for summer holidays. 

Plus we have designed our towels for those with style in mind; these towels look at home in the most premium of bathrooms, hung elegantly by their hoods and we are proud to have supplied to Royalty and celebrities. 

It’s rare to find a towel that satisfies a child’s need for fun and a parent’s desire for functionality and style – we think our towels do just that.  We hope you'll agree!