Plui Rain Cloud bath toy
Child using Plui Rain Cloud bath toy, showing how the 'rain' starts and stops
Graphic illustrating how the Plui Rain Cloud bath toy works
Boy in bath playing with Plui Rain Cloud Bath Toy
Boy in bath tub playing with Plui Rain Cloud Bath Toy

Plui Rain Cloud

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The Pluï Rain Cloud beautifully illustrates the cycle of water and magically turns kids into little rainmakers.

It works like a pipette to make simple physics tangible and fun - simply submerge the cloud to fill it with water, cover the hole with your finger while you lift it out (so the rain stays in), and release your finger to create a downpour! Endless fun for little people with a bit of learning thrown in :-)

A hidden mechanism allows parents to open the Cloud for cleaning.

Color: white
Dimensions: 92 x74 x 70mm
Material: ABS
BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free

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