We think hooded towels should be fluffy and luxurious – just like the towels you get in a posh hotel. Our large hooded towels for children are just that; big, thick, super soft, fluffy and absorbent. They are substantially bigger than normal baby hooded towels, so should last for as long as they want to have a hood on their towel. And the hoods are made from a double layer of the same thick towelling, so they can absorb loads of water from even the thickest head of hair!

They also all feature a pop fastener, meaning you can keep them closed like a poncho towel, keeping little ones warm and snuggly while they run around, and giving older ones privacy when they're getting changed. And when you want the full towel for a good rub dry, simply release the popper and there's the whole towel again...

We’ve got elegant white hooded towels, bold colourful towels, personalised towels and even jumbo sized hooded towels to choose from so whether you need bath towels, swimming towels or a thoughtful gift for the little people in your life, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Buy one hooded towel, get another half price!

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